Tuesday, January 29, 2008

“Sometimes my mood takes control of my hand.”

How can you not look at the results of that hand? Today we are looking at the work of Kirsten Ashley. Her alias is Dawlheart and she can be found at http://dawlheart.findartbuyart.com/. She has a varied style inside the fantasy world. She displays an interesting eye for the elf/fairy/mermaid genre. I see this artwork adorning a young woman’s room. She also is doing work on a Comics collaboration that should create an intriguing visual. Her art can be found at www.findartbuyart.com. She discusses her influences and works at http://dawlheart.findartbuyart.com/.

If you have a moment please check her work. She does commission work and is available to be contacted at http://dawlheart.findartbuyart.com/.

As usual, I am looking for artists to review and recruit for our site www.findartbuyart.com. I will check their work and put their name out to my network of art patrons.


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Kirsten Ashley said...

Thanks for writing this entry about me! I posted an entry linking to your blog.